Acheron - Kult des Hasses
Listenable Records
Death Metal
10 songs (56'26'')
Release year: 2014
Listenable Records
Reviewed by Jared

With over 20 years’ experience, Acheron definitely know a thing or two about death metal, and they do it very well. In May 2010 the band had decided to call it quits, but it was short lived and later that December the band reunited. Kult des Hasses is the band’s latest album since 2009 and also since that short lived breakup. Focused on themes such as anti-christianity, blasphemy, and Satanism, like previous releases, Acheron’s newest album brings forth some vicious and mature death metal to the table.

A lengthy track begins the album called Daemonum Lux, in which pounding drums open the album up in a hellishly hardboiled fashion. Blast beating arises shortly after but does not get hung up on it entirely. Quicker riffs and some very memorable soloing strive to be quick and brutal at almost every end.

Acheron’s razor sharp soloing and pounding heavy riffs continue with Satan Holds Dominion. The chorus here is also done in a much toughened manner, making any metal head quick to head bang and chant along in a ruthless fashion. Acheron came to destroy with their latest album, and tracks like Jesus Wept (Again and Again), showcases a band on a ferocious mission to deliver some evil death metal all while obliterating the ear with screamingly stellar solos.

Hammering riffs in Asphyxiation (Hands of God) keeps this album alive and strong even into the later tracks and even gets a little cleaner in the use of the guitars later on during the song, giving it a more creepy sounding mix. This was indeed my favorite track on the album, due to its heavy assertiveness, and fist pumping metal.

For death metal this year, Acheron’s Kult des Hasses might be the best release so far for the genre. They have captured an early 90s death metal sound that is very reviving. Its hellish riffs and piercing solos should not to be missed for fans of death metal. It’s good to see that after Acheron’s short break, they have come back to unleash an album with such unrelenting force and energy.

Killing Songs :
Daemonum Lux, Satan Holds Dominion, Jesus Wept (Again and Again), Whores and Harlots, Asphyxiation (Hands of God), Devil’s Black Blood
Jared quoted 88 / 100
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