Serpentine Path - Emanations
Relapse Records
Death/Doom Metal
7 songs (44:55)
Release year: 0
Relapse Records
Reviewed by Neill

Serpentine Path is a side project of sorts featuring members of The Howling Wind, and Unearthly Trance among others. The band formed after Unearthly Trance called it quits, which I still get upset over, as I felt they were a great band. This is the second album from the band, following the self titled album back in 2012. I was anticipating this album due the members in the band, and a strong but ultimately forgotten debut.

The album wastes no time kicking you in the face, because as soon as House of Worship Begins, you are greeted by screamed vocals and heavy instrumentation. The song does not let up, and neither does the rest of the album. The vocals stay in the growl/scream style for the duration of the record, and the music stays heavy as hell. There some slower sections and some faster sections, but it never reaches a really "upbeat" pace. The performance is very well done, which I would not expect any less coming from these musicians. They are all seasoned in the genre, and it shows. There are some great riffs, and the drums provide some good kick, while the bass adds that extra heaviness you would expect from a doom/sludge record.

I will say, some of the tracks really seem to blend together. With a pretty short album overall, I would like to have seen something change up here and there, as the songs sound too similar to one another. Listening to the album it can be hard in some cases knowing where one song ends and the next begins. While the performance on the album is strong and tight, I don't feel there is really too much material here that will stay with the listener. Much like the debut album, there is nothing really "wrong" with the album, but I do not feel that it has any real memorability or staying power. Once you listen to the record, no one song, or moment stands out and gets stuck in your head.

The album is very well produced. The instruments and vocals are clear and not drowned out, but it does not sound completely fake either. There is some grittiness to the mix, and it does help add atmosphere and feeling to the death/doom sound. As I had stated earlier, there really isn't anything "Bad" about the record. The final track, Torment has a well executed lead, and does a good job acting as the final track on the record, tying up everything. I certainly applaud the band for making solid music, but I can't get over the lack of memorability in the record, I feel more variety in the music and vocal department would have helped greatly in making this album stand out more, but it is by no means a mediocre record, I would recommend fans of the genre listen to this album, as there is something to enjoy, just don't be surprised if you don't remember anything after its over.

Killing Songs :
House of Worship, Disfigured Colossus, Torment

Neill quoted 70 / 100
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