Dark Legacy - Ad Extremum Epilogue
Black Vulture Records
Symphonic/Black/Death Metal
12 songs (43'29'')
Release year: 2014
Reviewed by Jared
Surprise of the month

In a little village known as Örsundsbro in Sweden, the band Rest in Peace began as a cover band of famous heavy metal bands. The name Rest in Peace would retire and change to Dark Legacy in 2005 and thus the band dived deeper into darker and more shadowy elements of metal. Their sound can be best described as a symphonic, death, and black metal album with a little coating of gothic at times. Since 2005 they have been writing their own material and finally this year the release their first true studio album.

The somber and calming piano that opens the first track Purgatorium sets the mood right from the get go with a definite symphonic feel. Keyboards are a big part of this album which make it all the more enjoyable to listen to. Tracks like The Waning Moon set a gothic tone with a little more of an upbeat feeling with the tremolo picking of the guitar and quicker keyboards. If all that you’re looking for is a blast beating good time, this album would not suit. Meaner tracks like At the Graveyard have a bit more double bass and a vocal chanting of the words “six feet under” to send a symphonic death metal chill down the spine.

One of my absolute favorite tracks, A Dark and Horrible Night, begins with a simple heavy metal drumming fashion. The flow of the piano the lead of the guitars, and finally the clashing of the keyboards create a dark and sinister carnival ride of metal. Guitar work in this track is much more polished and is definitely one of the most memorable moments the entire album has to offer.

A two minute instrumental ride comes along towards the end of the album called, Dance of Shadows. Instrumentals are always a plus for me with any album, and this short burst of it is a gloomy and cinematic feeling piece which I enjoyed immensely. More bombastic moments filled with a strong prowess make up songs like Defending the Throne. A threatening build up from the keyboards only sets up the doom that waits. Shortly into the track, the song takes a moment to dive deep into classical and moving piano part that just melds perfectly into this album filled a wicked mission.

Dark Legacy’s first studio album is a complete surprise. From the heavy metal cover band they once were in the 90s to the symphonic and darkened band they have become, it is a good album to become acquainted with. It may had been difficult to get into some of the tracks, but rest assured this album has some great symphonic black and death metal moments to be heard.

Killing Songs :
Purgatorium, The Waning Moon, At the Graveyard, A Dark and Horrible Night, Dance of Shadows, Defending the Throne
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