Blaze - Tenth Dimension
Heavy Metal
12 songs ()
Release year: 2002
Blaze, SPV
Reviewed by Danny
Blaze is back after his "rocketer surprise" called Silicon Messiah, his first solo album since his "departure" from Iron Maiden.

Silicon Messiah is a fantastic record and I was rather anxious (in fact, I was dying) to listen to his new work, Tenth Dimension. Let's stop turning around the hole (like we say in French) and let's go straight forward to our subject : Tenth Dimension is a small disappointment ... and I am wondering if Blaze took enough time to digest his success with Silicon Messiah.

My major complain about Tenth Dimension (compare to Silicon Messiah) comes from its lake of surprise : guitar riffs are predictable from the first second till the last one, the chorus have not that magical dimension (ooopps) and Blaze seems not concern at all when he sings (like he has lost the "eye of the tiger"). In two words, we have passed from the masterpiece (Silicon Messiah) to a conventional heavy metal record. I thought that after Silicon Messiah, Blaze was on the right track ...

Expect Leap Of Faith, all others songs are very conventional and I am wondering if Blaze didn't forgot to take his "balls" with him, because all the courage he used for the song-writing on Silicon Messiah is gone on Tenth Dimension. I am also wondering where is the fantastic production and sound of Silicon Messiah? Disappear !!! Of course, the guy sing better and better ... record after record. However, the promising "futurist" sound on his previous album has turned ... to a warm beer. What a shame :-(

Aaahhhh, the famous second record : a killer which confirms the potential of a band ... or the beginning of the fall. The third record is always the definitive answer. Let's hope Blaze will confirm on the next album he was just a bit tired and recorded that one to quickly. I sincerely believe this is the case ... because I rather like the guy ;-)

Killing Songs :
Leap Of Faith
Danny quoted 70 / 100
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