Freedom Call - Beyond
Power Metal
14 songs (59'35)
Release year: 2014
Freedom Call, SPV
Reviewed by Chris
Album of the year

It amazes me how many of my old favorite bands keep on releasing great releases lately. There must be something in the air or the stars are well aligned to the joys of Power Metal :). Freedom Call released a great album with Land of the Crimson Dawn and I was worried if they could sustain the same level with their new album. Let me tell you straight away, they did !

Beyond is a more traditional approach to the Freedom Call sound, it's more hymn oriented, sing-along, joyful (but that's their trademark after all) and heavy at the same time. The previous album went a bit outside their main sound and experimented, and I for one loved it, but maybe not the entire fan base as this effort is more definitely more a return to the core sound of the band. This album is more in the vein of Eternity. Also the band is not skimping on the number of tracks, 14 songs again ! I find quite amazing that a band can release 14 tracks album and not lose their steam midway. And while there is one track I can totally live without this time around (Dance of the Devil), the album might actually be stronger than the previous one. It's catchy as hell, uplifting with positive, epic and grandiose at the same time ! It can be considered a bit formulaic since there is not a lot of originality, it's the same old Freedom Call, more so than on LotCD. But when metal is played so well, with such passion, I make it a rule not to nitpick. It may not be original but it sure kicks ass, plain and simple. Great guitars riffs, beautiful vocal melodies, great choruses (choirs infused as usual) and epic hymns ! What else can you ask for really ? Beyond, the title track is one of the band's best song to date, but the album is filled with killer songs, from the opener, Union of the Strong that immediately puts the accent on where the album is going, to Beyond Eternity that closes the album on yet another highly satisfying metal hymn: this album is a wild ride. Too bad Dance of the Devil is so plain and inferior in quality, without it the album would have been near perfect !

Freedom Call did it again, their ability to infuse positivity and the will to headbang and sing out loud all day and night long is second to none. They are the masters of Power Metal hymns, a title well deserved and one they keep with Beyond. A killer album that no Power Metal or fan of the band can afford to miss ! Keep up the metal flame burning for eternity and beyond...

Killing Songs :
All except Dance of the Devil.
Chris quoted 96 / 100
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