Ethersens - Your Wandering Ghost
Scarlet Records
Progressive Metal
8 songs (55:40)
Release year: 2014
Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Neill
Crap of the month

Ethersens are a French progressive metal band formed in 2002, and have released (including this release) 2 full length records in that time. Before hearing this record, I was unfamiliar with the band, but found the cover artwork to be interesting, and was hoping the music contained within would be as interesting. Sadly, the artwork is probably the best thing this album has to offer.

First things first, I usually listen to an album quite a few times in the week(s) leading up to a review. However, I struggled to even listen to this album once. I am currently listening through a second time because the album is so hard to listen to. There is nothing actively "wrong" with the record. The music is played well, as there are no sloppy moments here. The production is nice, and the instruments have a change to be heard and things are clear. However, those two things are the only good thing I can really say. The album is just incredibly boring, and does nothing to make me connect to the music, or find anything worthwhile. The music is generic, the vocals are mostly mid range monotone and convey no emotion. I feel like the band didn't even care about recording the album. The leads are uninspired. This is just an incredibly disappointing album.

Having never heard the band before, I had no expectations, and even still, I feel let down. track 3, This Is Where You And I Part Ways is probably the least offensive track here, but also shows exactly what I'm talking about. The vocals are boring, the lead is just dull, and the music behind it all does nothing to grab you. Track 6, Reflect would be deemed the "heavy" track as the music gets really fast, and bombastic, and that sounds forced and makes the band seem like they are trying too hard. The opening and pre-chorus to Livin' Memory ( as well as the spelling of "livin') is sadly laughable. The final track, To Live Is To Forget has a drawn out section near the 4:45-5 minute mark that goes on for about a minute and is dull and had no purpose being on the song. The entire album is really made up of moments like this.

The album itself is also way too long for what is presented here. These eight songs make up nearly an hour of music, and there is no reason for that. There is a difference between a song evolving into a larger movement, and a song that feel like it was written to be long and grandiose. Sadly, this album feels like the latter. Also, I assume and hope this is just on the advance copy, but after each song, there is anywhere from 5-15 seconds of silence before the next song starts. There is no reason for this, and again, I hope this is just on the advance copy.

Again, this is only my second listen through the album in full. I have tried to listen to it, and become very familiar with the first 3 songs as that is about as far I can get before really losing any interest or stamina for this record. Again, the production is very solid, and the band members are clearly able to play their instruments. They are not sloppy by any means, but they have produced one of the most boring, and uneventful albums I have heard in a long time. I can usually listen to albums a few times regardless if the quality, but this album feels like a complete chore. I tried to look for good things to say about the record, but just cannot aside from production and the album cover. I do encourage others to listen to the album however, because I'm sure they have an audience that will enjoy them, but I am not one of them.

Killing Songs :
This Is Where You And I Part Ways
Neill quoted 20 / 100
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