Yautja - Songs Of Descent
Forcefield Records
14 songs (37:03)
Release year: 2014
Forcefield Records
Reviewed by Neill

Yuatja is a three piece hardcore/grind band, and this is their first full length. I had read some interesting things about the band and was very excited to hear the album in its entirety. It doesn't come across as anything new or different, but it is well done for what it is.

The songs on the album are fairly short most of the time, as could be expected with a hardcore or grindcore album. There are a few longer tracks on the album, but those honestly seem out of place to me. The shorter songs work better in my opinion and the band should have stuck with that formula. The longer tracks seem to drag on too much. The album is very heavy, crazy, while maintaining song structure and a good head banging sensibility. It's not all fast either, as tracks like Faith Resigned take on a slower vibe, but the track is nearly 7 minutes and does not grab my attention as much as other tracks.

The vocals stay with a deeper bark style for the majority of the album, and it does wear thin during the course of the record. There are some interesting guitar part, but the lack of variation on the vocals make it get on my nerves a bit. The drumming can be frantic but restrained when needed and is very well done. The bass is not always noticeable but when it is, it does provide a nice method of tying up the sound, and adding some thickness.

By the time the second half of the album comes around the sound is a little tired. It is very well played and produced, but it all sounds too similar. I do not feel the excitement I felt when the album began. The songs do take on a bit of a slower role, as more of the longer tracks make up the second half, but again these songs are dull to me. More of the breakneck speed would be welcome here.

This album had me very excited due to hearing some good things about it. I will not deny the band is talented at what they do, and the album is damn heavy. However there is a lot of work to be done. The lack of variety in the vocals wears thing on this record, and the longer/slower songs are just not interesting. It is good to know that these three musicians know what they are doing and I can see them getting much better with more releases. I will look forward to a future release to see if they can fine tune some of the things bringing this record down. Feel free to listen and make your own opinion, here.

Killing Songs :
Concrete Tongue, Denihilist, Tar and Blindness
Neill quoted 65 / 100
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