Generation Of Vipers - Howl and Filth
Red Witch Records
6 songs (38:34)
Release year: 2011
Reviewed by Neill
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Generation of Vipers are an American based Sludge and post hardcore band. They have a few albums, but I was not familiar with them until I heard this album. The added hardcore edge brings a little nice change to the normal sludge sound, while still maintaining the normal sounds of the genre. The album begins pretty much how one would expect, heavy, and groove oriented.

The sound on the album is very well done. Recorded and mixed by Kurt Ballou, one can tell the songs sound tight, and the production is top notch. The vocals are a bit low in the mix, and barely audible most of the time. However, this is not a bad thing by any means on this record. The lower mixed vocals add a great dimension and good atmosphere to this record. The vocals however are pretty standard, and never change from a hardcore bark.

The album focuses on longer instrumental passages in the songs, which work well. Again, the music is tight, and the production is really clear. Sadly, there is not much change from song to song. Each track follows similar pattern, and despite the fairly short run time, the album starts to wear thin by the end. There is not enough going on in each song to really draw you in enough to want to keep listening

There is a nice interlude track of sorts in track 3, All of This is Mine. It is a nice palate cleanser, soft track to lead into the second half of the record. Also, track 6, The Misery Coil ends with an atmospheric outro similar to track 3, but it is not interesting to me, and ends the album on a sour note.

Generation of Vipers certainly know what they are doing. Mixing sludge with some hardcore elements is a nice change from straight sludge, however I feel they could stand to develop their ideas a little more. This being their third full length, they are coming along, and maybe the next album will be a good step in the right direction. As it stand though, this is a solid album, with some flaws holding it back from standing out in the genre. It's still a good listen, and for anyone interested, check them out, on YouTube.

Killing Songs :
Ritual, Eternal
Neill quoted 70 / 100
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