Sun Worship - Surpass Eclipse
Self Release
Black Metal
2 songs (13:36)
Release year: 2013
Sun Worship
Reviewed by Charles
This is one of those finds that makes trawling through obscure black metal EPs and splits worthwhile. A superficial glance at the band name, and the apparent ties to the left, might conjure superficial USBM associations but this is a German band immersed in the European black metal tradition. Even though it lasts less than a quarter of an hour, this two-track EP, released way back in February, is capable of the most gorgeous blasts of pure ice; both graceful and ferocious, and I was completely absorbed throughout this short work.

First track Castle High is the shorter of the two, and in my view the more convincing. Its swift-paced tremolo riffing surges forcefully through melodic ideas that suggest Ragnarok or Taake, interspersed with slower passages that allow the breath to be caught. In particular, the abrasive slower riffs that enter towards the end remind me weirdly of a black metal version of Tool’s Stinkfist. Second track Eclipse is perhaps more obviously influenced by recent American black metal, and brims with curious tonalities- the jagged guitar lines that open it wouldn’t be too out of place on a Krallice record. After a few minutes it collapses into a long, hazy mass of feedback and crashing slow chords. Personally, Sun Worship is so, so good at the up-tempo Nordic melo-blasting that this latter element feels a bit like a waste. If you are inclined to agree with me, I would strongly recommend you track down their track Remembrance from their recent split with Unru, which is, quite frankly, shit hot. Still, Surpass Eclipse is impressive enough for a 13 minute EP.

Killing Songs :
Castle High
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