DBUK - The Red Cross Is Giving Out Misinformation
Pesanta Urfolk
Dark Americana
2 songs (12' 15")
Release year: 2013
Pesanta Urfolk
Reviewed by Andy

After hearing The Sterling Sisters, non-metal but quite interesting, I resolved to check out the next dark Americana release I spotted in the queue and give it a spin. That turned out to be an EP called The Red Cross Is Giving Out Misinformation, from a group called DBUK, apparently a collaboration by members of two other dark Americana bands. The two tracks are softer than what I'm used to, but I see why they call it dark, especially after the second track.

The title track comes first and has a very minimalistic, but catchy riff used for both verse and chorus. Throughout, the song is gentle without annoying the listener too much, and right after each chorus comes a strange medley of wordless "bap bahh"s from another male and female singer. The song's good without those, and they get annoying fast, but it didn't annoy me enough to fast-forward after a few listens. The second track, Immaculately Warded Children, still strummed gently and rhythmically, is in a minor key, and much darker lyrically; it was definitely my favorite, too, with the chorus vocals, mixed occasionally with a sample or two, singing an eerie backup to the lead singer as the song develops.

Despite my liking of the minimalism of DBUK's sound, and my greater enjoyment of the second track, I suspect that the overall sound is just too quiet and soft for most metal listener's tastes. However, this appears to be DBUK's first offering, and it will be interesting to see what they may come up with soon.

Killing Songs :
Immaculately Warded Children
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