Funeral Circle - Funeral Circle
Shadow Kingdom Records
Doom Metal
7 songs (50'03'')
Release year: 2013
Shadow Kingdom Records
Reviewed by Jared
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Doom metal is one of those genres I find myself exploring less with newer bands. I’ve noticed I’ve looked more into its rich past with veteran bands like Candlemass for the most part. Previously I had not really been too fond of the genre, but as of late (since Pallbearer’s album Sorrow and Extinction) I have grown to feel more close to doom metal as well as a new fond respect I previously had difficulty having. Funeral Circle has once again turned around my thoughts towards doom metal as being overwhelmingly positive for the most part, and their debut album captures a lot of the great doom metal melodies and vocals that make the genre really stand out in heavy metal.

The sluggish guitar riffs and the echoing guitar lead that comprises the beginning of the first track Scion Infinity begin things pleasantly. Shortly after, the first taste of vocals emerges providing a haunting yet beautiful coat. The production vocals can sometimes really stand out over the instruments in loudness, but doesn’t hurt this great doom metal piece. The album keeps a slow and steady pace for the most part, especially within the first half, but it’s a doom metal experience that is not worth rushing through by any means. The following song Amaranthine has a bit of a folk feeling with acoustic guitars opening up the song and showing up periodically throughout the track. The layered over vocals within the song during the chorus might have come across as clunky to me initially, but after a few listens, I came to really enjoy the style.

The album continues its slow sluggish speed with Corpus of Dark Sorcery. This is perhaps the slowest on the album, but the darkest sounding of all. Perhaps when the album began to really capture my fullest attention came at the start of the track that followed called Tempus Edax Rerum. This acoustic guitar piece provides a beautiful atmosphere and begins the better, more memorable second half of the album extremely well. The Charnel God begins at the obvious slow pace, but surprisingly speeds up towards the end which includes a melodic and memorable guitar solo that last for a long duration. Black Colossus begins at the slower pace just as the previous track, but erupts with a little more fury half way through comprising of great solo guitar lick to kick off its quicker attitude. The great guitar work here made the track end up being one of the most revisited for me after I was finished with the entire album.

Coming to a close with the lengthy track Obelisk, it’s a song that has just about everything within it that doom metal should be sounding like in 2013. It took a while for the song to pick up from its slow slothful start, but the vocals and great musicianship within the song really hold much of the doom essence I was hoping to hear. This long track is in no way repetitive in any way, and its creativity and ability to keep me guessing throughout its duration made me enjoy the finale on the album more so than I thought I was going to.

The underground metal that is Funeral Circle is indeed a band not to be disregarded. Their first full-length album captures doom metal better than most bands have done in recent years. It is a powerful experience worth diving into, and more so than just once.

Killing Songs :
Corpus of Dark Sorcery, Tempus Edax Rerum, Black Colossus, Obelisk
Jared quoted 88 / 100
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