Mechanical God Creation - Artifacts of Annihilation
WormHole Death
Technical Death Metal
11 songs (42 minutes)
Release year: 2012
WormHole Death
Reviewed by Joel
Surprise of the month

Here we have Italy's Mechnical God Creation, a Technical Death Metal band from Italy. This was released in December 2012, I found this band via Facebook. They are definitely one of the more extreme Italian bands I have heard, that don't rely on symphonic arrangements.

The discs title track is the first song. Annihilation is the perfect introduction to the chaotic music that will follow. Vocalist Lucy, grabs your attention and goes for the throat immediately. The frenzied guitar playing, the double bass drumming of Carlo(They seem to only use first names)and Lucy's vocals are definite highlights. Illusions and Cult of The Machines are next, delivering on the same quality heard on Annihilation. Throughout all the Technical Death Metal wizardy(from all band members) you can hear subtleties of melody throughout the songs. In my opinion that separates an average Death Metal band from a great one. Shadow's Falling, approaches that melodic death metal feel with its midsection. An ultra-melodic guitar solo is featured, and is one of my favorites on the whole disc. While technical brutality is this band's style, the instrumental and longest song at just over four minutes and twenty five seconds is, Lullaby For The Modern Age, is quite haunting and beautiful.

The video for Terror In The Air can be seen here on Youtube, and is pretty self-explanatory. Nomos Of The Earth and Woe of The Spiraled Desire are fast technical songs at breakneck speeds. Ocean of Time features a melodic tremolo guitar picked section, and features more of a groove in the riffs. Obsidian Nightfall is next and is the last track on the disc, and features all the same things you have heard earlier in the disc. While that may sound like a bad thing, its not. Mechanical God Creation are consistent throughout the entire disc.

Mechanical God Creation is Lucy(Vocals), Mirko and Deimos(Guitars), Salva(Bass), and Carlo on Drums.

Killing Songs :
Artifact of Annihilation, Cult Of The Machines, Shadow's Falling, Lullaby For The Modern Age, Terror In The Air, Obsidian Nightfall

Joel quoted 88 / 100
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