Twilight of the Gods - Fire on the Mountain
Season Of Mist
Heavy Metal
7 songs (42'31'')
Release year: 2013
Season Of Mist
Reviewed by Jared
Surprise of the month

Starting out as a Bathory cover band, Twilight of the Gods was formed in 2010. One of the biggest influences the band had agreed upon was the legendary artist Quorthon, in which they chose their name appropriately from his sixth studio album. Jumping from a pure cover band, Twilight of the Gods emerged as its own entity in 2012. Lots of shared musical interests and ideas started developing, and thus their debut album Fire on the Mountain was finally released. There are some notable members of the band which include, Alan Averill of Primordial, Patrik Lindgren of Thyrfing, and Rune Eriksen who was a previous member of Mayhem. Together alongside Frod Glesnes on bass and Nick Barker on drums, Twilight of the Gods’ first debut album Fire on the Mountain will entice any fan of the heavy metal genre.

As enjoyable as heavy metal can be, this album claims to be so. The first track, Destiny Forged in Blood, provides some fantastic classic style guitar riffing with great vocals that feel like it is paying homage to an earlier time of metal. There’s a definite war-like attitude with the singing and performance of the instruments giving it a little bit of a feel of being Viking, especially within the lyrics. But there’s no question that this album is indeed a great piece of heavy metal. Children of Cain, probably my favorite track, has a simple yet contagious guitar lick accompanied with a very memorable chorus that is fist raising no doubt. The guitar solo here also shows that veteran guitar work from Eriksen and Lindgren is an outstanding addition to the song.

The main title track, Fire on the Mountain, doesn’t let go of any of the heavy metal magnitude. The song gets a little quicker here with great riffs, but more importantly it showed that each song one after the other felt fresh and different at every corner so the album was very difficult not to be bored with. Preacher Man, yet another killer track, keeps the chugging guitars and drums in a picture-perfect state of heavy metal. The album kept me guessing, and kept increasing my enjoyment with the album even to the very end with such tracks as The End of History. The great rhythmic guitars definitely lead the charge well, especially with their memorable harmonization and amazing solo that comes at the end of the track.

For their first debut album, Twilight of the Gods has set free some great heavy metal for this year. It took a couple listens to really see the entire scope of things, but this may be one of the most enjoyable heavy metal sounding albums I have had the opportunity to listen to for some time now. From starting as a cover band, Twilight of the Gods has pooled their music interests and talent together into one hell of a debut album.

Killing Songs :
Destiny Forged in Blood, Children of Cain, Fire on the Mountain (1863), The End of History
Jared quoted 80 / 100
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