Dew-Scented - Inwards
Nuclear Blast
Thrash/Death Metal
11 songs (43'00)
Release year: 2002
Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Danny
Album of the month

Well, well, well ... it seems we have a new winner playing melodic thrash/death metal !

The winner is Dew Scented and this record is talking by storm the whole Europe. So you might ask : is it justify ? After many spins, my answer will be simple as that : YES. These German thrashers have not invented the powder, but they know how to use it. A melodic explosion !!! You like to headbang with your "invisible" guitar ... so Inwards is awaiting you. Just one little piece of advise first : beware the headache !

Inwards is pulverizing, razor-sharp and immediately memorable. I like to say this is almost a new sort of extreme metal aggressions and I like also to say this band belongs to this new millennium. What an intense experience! Inwards is the synchronization of Slayer, At The Gates, Soilwork, Destruction and The Haunted ... all in one. Mum, what is these noise in my head ;-)

With missile like Bitter Conflict (enormous !), Unconditional (the true Megadeth is reborn), Life Ending Path (the guitarist has eight fingers or what ?), I can tell you this band know how to wake up the listener : sharp, quick, clever and melodic riffs, blasting & aggressive lyrics ... this is how thrash/death should sound in 2002. The only think you have in mind when the CD end is to push play again and again. Ha, these Germans ;-)

This is the forth album from these guys and they sound for me like a brand newcomer (of the year). Definitely a must and I wish there will be more CD's like this one in the following months. Dew Scented .... the future belongs to you, no doubt about it !!!

Killing Songs :
Bitter Conflict, Unconditional ... and the whole f**king rest ;-)
Danny quoted 92 / 100
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