Cvinger - Monastery of Fallen
Self released
Black Metal
8 songs (20'21")
Release year: 2013
Reviewed by Alex

Don’t be fooled when Chapter 1: Into the Depths of Arcane Sanctuary acoustic opens up Monastery of Fallen EP by the Slovenians Cvinger. It hints nothing at the storm which is about to unfold. One might think, based on that intro and perhaps the band’s origin, that some European symphonic black metal a la Dimmu Borgir is in store, but nothing can be further from the truth. Cvinger is no typical European shrinking violet, proving it right off the bat when chaos and molten lava of Blaspherion begins to flow. If anything, Cvinger can be compared to South American and Australian gnarliest crews. Yet, if you recognize that some from Cvinger (drummer Krieg Machine) come from the countrymen Bleeding Fist, earlier reviewed on these pages, then Monastery of Fallen becomes less of a surprise. Raw Norwegian metal, but without Gorgoroth towering dominance, and closer to Tsjuder bloodletting is another obvious reference.

Guitar riffs here are vacuum cleaner about to give out or small plane on takeoff (Blaspherion), later on shifting further down in frequency and tone (In Thy Kingdom’s Shadow, title track) getting to be closer to a freight train barreling through. This wall of sound transfixes, locking your attention at a spot, like a rabbit about to be swallowed by a cobra. A couple of listens, and then slowly you start recognizing small melodic inflexions present in this monolith. Among the Crucified has less barking and more preachy vocals, as well as some bell sounds bringing it in the vicinity of Deathspell Omega’s more violent tracks. Salvation in the Darkest Wrath is angrier, and overall, the album feels more possessed and more irate as it unfolds. Helped by the interruption by another excellent acoustic instrumental, Chapter 2: Of Ashes and Dust, you will begin to recognize that the EP on the whole is a story of descent, complete by ripping title track crashing into the closer bass a capello choir Chapter 3: Amen. By then this hellish descent is complete, and there is no coming back, the corpse painted Cvinger players committed your blood to their ritual sacrifices.

Killing Songs :
Blaspherion, Chapter 2: Of Ashes and Dust
Alex quoted 72 / 100
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