Digital Ruin - Dwelling In The Out
InsideOut Music
Prog Metal
10 songs (56'35)
Release year: 2000
InsideOut Music
Reviewed by Chris

Digital Ruin huh ? Well I sincerely hope they do not become ruins any time soon cause they seem good to me. First impressions upon the band is that they definitely don't do music for the masses, that's for sure. What I like with this band is that you cannot perceive or try to guess what's going to come next, what kind of arrangements they will use, and nowadays that's really something nice. I'm not saying that all bands are copycats here... don't get me wrong, because I like metal in general (most of it) and I usually don't care if a band imitates another one, really I don't. But well that's not the subject here so back to Digital Ruin. They are progressive all the way, original and like it should be with prog metal there is a strong use of keyboards. I like singer's voice, perhaps because somehow it sounds a bit like Dream Theater and Winger in the same time (interesting mix actually :)) Guitars parts are interesting and vary a lot, from "grungy" to "power metal" like riffs with simple but nice solos. Not being a huge fan of prog metal I admit that despite the originality of the album I sometimes got bored during some songs. In the end this is a very good band that have potential and imagination for sale ! I just want to add that this release need the listener full attention, the music is complex so you might need time to appreciate it entirely, so don't hesitate to listen to it many times.

Definitely a good album to own for every prog metal fans, and I'm sure many other will like it as well, so I suggest you to check it out, won't bite.

Killing Songs :
Living For Yesterday & Darkest Day
Chris quoted 71 / 100
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