Avalanch - El Angel Caido
Flame Records
Melodic/Speed Metal
15 songs (61'30)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Danny

This is a long time now I wanted to talk you about Avalanch El Angel Caido, but unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity until today.

Avalanch is a Spanish band like Tierra Santa, but are much less influenced by Iron Maiden compare to Tierra Santa. I will rather say that Avalanch's members are fans of Helloween, Gamma Ray or Rhapsody. Very epic, always melodic, Avalanch's songs are very catchy and the singer is really excellent. Like it is the case with Tierra Santa, Avalanch have decided to sing in Spanish and this is the right choice as far as I am concerned.

The first two tracks, Tierra De Nadie & El Angel Caido, are two killers. When I was in Barcelona last summer, I bought this one after hearing this killing two songs. Imagine flying and melodic riffs (we could also mention Dark Moor), powerful chorus and this voice reminding me very much Rod Steward. Excellent surprise here. The songs are well structured, with catchy refrains and the tempo changes from melodic speed to classic epic metal.

Recommended to all fans of melodic speed metal. Now of course, some of you don't understand Spanish (like me) and this represents a difficult barrier. But if you have no problem with Spanish lyrics and are fans of the above-mentioned bands, this one is a sure buy.

Somehow each time I listen to El Angel Caido, my soul flies back in Spain ... back to my summer holiday ... back to the beach ... drinking my freeze coke and looking to these magnificent girls ..... Ooops my wife ! What was I saying ? Ah yes, a pleasant record you should check if you have the opportunity.

Killing Songs :
Tierra De Nadie & El Engel
Danny quoted 80 / 100
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