Falcon (ex-Circle) - Beer and Ribs
Ektro Records
Soft rock, AOR
2 songs (8'38")
Release year: 2013
Ektro Records
Reviewed by Alex

Warning, it is going to be mind-numbingly difficult to follow the twists of the origins of creation of this band. While I still have a number of Circle promos to listen to in my stack, the members of that long-standing legendary Finnish band, decided to throw a wrench in the whole game. Citing the pressure from their label, Ektro Records, the decision was made to temporarily relinquish the Circle name to a group of other individuals for a year. Meanwhile, the original Circle members, including Jussi Lehtisalo, who also happens to be the Ektro Records owner, i.e. applying the pressure onto himself, will take on the name Falcon (ex-Circle), apparently to try something different in the interim but not to let people forget where they are coming from originally. And then of course there is Perry Grayson’s Falcon to distinguish from. Falcon (ex-Circle) is only to last for a year, as I said, when licensing the Circle name will expire, and Circle will be reborn again, only then to be known Circle (ex-Falcon). Follow all that? I thought so …

At any rate, Falcon (ex-Circle) is here now to release a 2-track EP to entertain the softer radio-friendly side of rock. Beer and Ribs, the front single, sounds like an LA glam-rock band trying to migrate to Louisiana, coopting the lyrical subject matter, and maybe a touch rougher vocals than their LA origins would allow. The melodies are sweet, however, played mainly on the pop-up synthesizer, so not sure how well the Southerners would receive this, if my scenario is right about how the journey is planned. Sunset Street track does not leave sunny California and presents a cheery dreamy side, romantic, but in a still rather juvenile and immature way. Vocals are pushed up front, synth is less annoying and closing guitar solo is memorable.

Performed very professionally Falcon (ex-Circle) for now sounds like a tribute to Axxis or, staying closer to American shores, King Kobra. Thirty years ago I would have fell for music like that in a snap, and would even try to get onto my high school band if it was performing in a similar vein (to play that annoying synthesizer part of course). Alas, the times have changed, but some of us have different sides of music personalities living within them they need to showcase. And thus the moniker game becomes necessary …

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