Agathodaimon - Chapter III
Nuclear Blast
Black Metal
9 songs (42'55)
Release year: 2001
Agathodaimon, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Danny

This German black metal band is rising slowly but surely from the underground. Agathodaimon is one of the best black metal bands out of Germany and even though the last song on Chapter III, Burden Of Time, is a typical death metal song, Agathodaimon belongs to the black metal scene.

Between the traditional Scandinavian black metal and the German sound, these black angels have found their own way, drawing their strength from the union of uncompromising guitar riffs, speed & heaviness at the same time added to black vocals and catchy melodies. Songs like An Angel's Funeral, Paradise Beyond or Spirit Soldier highlight a mature band who know how to write "intrigish songs".

Atmospheric passages will help the listener to have a breath. On the surface, Agathodaimon's songs incorporate the same casual, mostly catchy melodies that we have become used to, but this album is well produced (excellent sound) and is much better compare to previous Agathodaimon's albums. Of course, Chapter III is just another black metal CD from the dozen of hundreds release in this genre now ... but I have to admit these Germans have a lot of talent and their song-writing is innovative (listen to The Ending Of Our Yesterday or Past Shadows). What else can we ask ?

This Chapter III is definitely a step forward for Agathodaimon. If you like their previous album or if you are fan of black metal, you’ll love this one. Well done.

Killing Songs :
An Angel's Funeral, Paradise Beyond, Past Shadows
Danny quoted 85 / 100
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