Creed - Weathered
Wind-up Entertainment
US grunge/nu metal
11 songs (50'00)
Release year: 2001
Wind-up Entertainment
Reviewed by Danny

What a big f**k*ng disillusion ?

After two interesting and surprising good records, My Own Prison & Human Clay, Creed is back with their third effort. The famous 3rd album that "almost" decide if a band is about to "explode" the charts or if the band is already tired and not able anymore to surprise the listener with news songs.

Well ... hummm .... the inspiration is for sure not at the "rendez-vous". What a poor album, what a conventional record, what a miserable US grunge record. After astonishing the metal scene a few years ago, Creed is already "dead" ... killed by the system, killed by the money, killed because they are simply not true with themselves.

Sorry guys, but this Weathered has been recorded two thousand times before ... by two thousand metal bands. Ah, just before I go .... it is not written Machine Head on your cover and it has been a pretty bad choice to follow uninspired musicians. The voice of Scoot Stapp is still wonderful, one or two tracks revives Creed from the grave (Who's Got My Back?), but it will not save my 18$ investment ...

Now the question is simple as that : will Creed survive to this one ???

Killing Songs :
Who's Got My Back?
Danny quoted 40 / 100
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