Pure Evil - As Blood Turns Black, Mankind Shall Drown in Despair
Hammer Of Hate
Black Metal
6 songs (43'22")
Release year: 2012
Hammer Of Hate
Reviewed by Alex

I wonder what Kryth, the man behind everything in Pure Evil, would say had he read the recent discussions on our forums about Black vs. Christian metal, Black Metal police, etc. If the name of his band doesn’t indicate where he stands, then certainly the title of his most recent effort As Blood Turns Black, Mankind Shall Drown in Despair probably leaves no hint of doubt. Not only Pure Evil is trying to protect the bastions of Finnish black metal, Kryth is trying to do it in most traditional of manners, except perhaps he really extends himself in terms of track length on this album going for 10-11 min on a pair of them.

As Blood Turns Black, Mankind Shall Drown in Despair features rather recognizable buzzsaw guitar riffs, repetitive in nature, but interestingly enough giving off about the same amount of warmongering and hate as they do sorrow and despair. This is some belligerent music, no question, but with an unexpected hint of sadness (Slain by Frost, Blood Turns Black). The album is still raw Satanic worship, but these hosannas have a certain amount of meditation embedded in them, not just vicious bloodletting. Due to the track length Kryth has to revisit parts in his songwriting, but he does manage to connect the dots. Getting melodic periodically, like around 5 min in Slain by Frost, or in a slower pensive closer Surun Siivet helps to keep interest. In the tradition of true filthy Finnish black metal, Pure Evil can get pretty aggressive (Tapa Minut) burying the sudden tempo inflection in a wall of guitars. Commanding shouts or lower belly-deep voice (Seas of Blood) are drowned in this sea of buzzsaw, but the production is actually pretty balanced giving room to individual instruments.

Slower and plodding Seas of Blood, filled with background demented screams Tapa Minut, sprawling Slain by Frost and Surun Siivet, which is trying to jam the final dose of riffs and melodies when it is seemingly over, there is one thing you have to recognize about As Blood Turns Black, Mankind Shall Drown in Despair. If very true to the original template black metal is not your thing, look elsewhere. Not as lively and varied as Horna, not as ferocious as the most recent Behexen, less folky than Nattfog, Pure Evil reminds me a lot of Calvarium, but less aurally hurtful than that Finnish outfit was on their one full-length The Skull of Golgotha. And guess what, those demented background screams belong to Molestor Kadotus, also of Anal Blasphemy and Kryth’s brother-in-arms. Have not heard of Calvarium? No big deal, if you heard any of the aforementioned acts you will know what to expect from .

Killing Songs :
Blood Turns Black, Surun Siivet
Alex quoted 71 / 100
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