Apostasy - Devilution
Black Mark
Blackened Symphonic Metal
8 songs (40'48")
Release year: 2005
Black Mark
Reviewed by Jared
Archive review

In my constant search and discovery of new and upcoming metal bands it never ceases to amaze me the way I come about learning about them. From talking to close metal head friends or just taking the time to browse the local music store, every week seems to bring about some new band discovery or even sometimes an exploration into an older band I've never heard of. It can be a disastrous find or a glorious one. About three or four Christmases ago I was given the game Brutal Legend. I had heard about it being in production and knew that it was based on a heavy metal fantasy world. I thought to myself that this could be a great addition not only to me as a gamer but also a metal head. The game featured all sorts of different style metal bands which was a fantastic thing to see. As stated in my bio I am a fan of all metal styles and this game definitely provides a lot of diversity and just plain great music.

While playing about a fourth of the game I found myself relating to every band and style that played throughout except for one. During a battle in the game, Apostasy’s song Sulphur Injection struck my ears immediately with a piano opening. Clashing with heavy guitars and drums, it prompted me to learn and listen more of what the group had to offer. Unfortunately I am sorry to say that the rest of the album did not feel as memorable as I hoped it would be as it was with my first song exposure with the band. But I can’t just leave it at that. The album is not the greatest thing I’ve ever heard, but it was not a total waste.

After listening to the entire record I felt a bit neutral with my feelings towards it. At times I felt very happy with what I was listening to and also at times I felt that many of the songs lacked originality. To explain further, it almost felt as though many of the tracks were unfinished ideas from Dimmu Borgir. I hate to mention other bands when I am reviewing a particular artist but this is the exact feeling I felt as I delved deeper into the album. It has a definite symphonic metal presence but nothing I could see myself boasting over for the next couple of months. Honestly after I was through with the album, I had a feeling that I had already heard something similar before making it difficult for to really enjoy the album.

I can’t go without saying this album is not a total loss. At times I was intrigued by the eerie and creepy keyboard parts. Most notably in the song Sulphur Injection but also a stand out was the song Salvation Denied. The imagery the song Salvation Denied gave me was along the lines of being set to a demonic circus or even more terrifying to some, clowns. Since this album is more thought of as being symphonic, the keyboard seems to play a major significance throughout the album as a whole. Drumming is focused on transitioning from small brief parts of blast beating to slower beats to help with the strong palm muting and power chords of the guitars. Depending on your opinions on drumming, I know a lot of people who cannot stand blast beating as well as a lot of people who embrace it. If you’re looking for a constant pounding of the snare drum then this album may not be for you. The vocals I’d like to say are pretty well done in my opinion. They can range from high black metal shrieks to strong death metal style vocals. It is probably one of the strong points of the entire album.

If your a fan of Dimmu Borgir, Apostasy’s Devilution could possibly be something you will like. All I can conclude is that they are definitely a band to give a chance. I cannot guarantee that you will either love or hate the album because I am at a state of neutrality with it. There are times on the album I felt enthralled or interested but the big thing is that overall it lacked originality. The least I can say is that giving it a chance will not be a total waste of your time.

Killing Songs :
Sulphur Injection, Salvation Denied, Suicide Breeze
Jared quoted 69 / 100
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