The Traceelords - Sex, Money, Rock 'N' Roll !
Massacre Records
Hard 'n' Roll
13 songs (40'40)
Release year: 2001
Massacre Records
Reviewed by Danny

Tracy Lord ? Isn't it the name of this famous porn star ?

Based on the cover, I guess these guys wanted to have a "jocky" band name. After all, is it worst than Necrophagia ? I don't think so. So above that, what shall you expect from this Sex, Money , Rock 'n' Roll !

Overall, this band reminds me very much Pretty Boys Floyd and also Motley Crüe. Between you and me, this music sounds very "commercial" and is totally out of fashion !!! However, what is the most important fact when you buy a CD ? You must have fun listen to it and the music has to generate happiness ! Well here, all songs are catchy, funny and you shake your foot upside down on each track.

Song like Sex Money Rock 'n' Roll !, She's 24, F**kin' Grow Up, All I Really Need are killers. At the end, it is not original for a dime, but what a funny & rock 'n' roll experience. There are two unexpected covers in Sex, Money , Rock 'n' Roll ! : Daddy Cool (Boney M) and Born To Be Alive, two planetary disco-hit. In fact, these are my two favorite all-time disco songs and it has been very funny to listen to Traceelords's version (especially Daddy Cool, which is excellent !).

If you are into bands like Motley Crüe, Pretty Boys Floyd, The Offspring, Backyard Babies and also like the glam wave of the 80's, this becomes almost a must. Otherwise, pass your way.

Killing Songs :
Sex Money Rock 'n' Roll !, She's 24, F**kin' Grow Up, All I Really Need, Daddy Cool
Danny quoted 78 / 100
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