Damnation Angels - Shadow Symphony
Massacre Records
Symphonic Power Metal
6 songs (27:58)
Release year: 2009
Massacre Records
Reviewed by Cory

Damnation Angels entered my radar after being named an opening act for Prog Power 14, which is set for September 2013 in Atlanta. Having just attended my first Prog Power this year, and with the intention of attending next year, I immediately started digging for more information about this symphonic power metal group from England. What I found was 2009’s Shadow Symphony EP on Spotify and theoretically the full-length Bringer of Light (which may or may not exist, since it is listed as a 2012 release on Metal-Archives yet is priced at $39.99 on Amazon, and apparently may only exist in Japan, so good luck finding it). The fact that I find this pretty damn frustrating should give you a good indication of how I feel about Shadow Symphony and the potential it heralds. In short, it’s about as promising a symphonic power metal debut as you could hope to hear in this flooded genre, and if you are a fan of bands like Kamelot, Serenity, and the like then this should be frustrating you as well.

Truth be told, there is nothing directly innovative or unique about Shadow Symphony. Simply knowing the genre will tell you exactly what you are in for, as soon as Bringer of Light kicks in with its galloping riffs, symphonic overtones, and the high flying clean vocals of Lewis Starfire (who has apparently been replaced since). Yet what Damnation Angels lacks in this department, it more than makes up for in execution because whether you are listening to the bombastic The Black Cancer, balladesque I Hope, or the riveting riff fest that is Against All Odds, the fact that they basically sound like Fourth Legacy era Kamelot becomes irrelevant, and you are left with nothing but to enjoy it. At 27:58 in length, this is a sizeable EP to be sure, yet even so it leaves the listener wanting more (especially with the final track being a Bringer of Light instrumental).

Shadow Symphony is a high quality slab of symphonic power metal that hints at a potential greatness to come (or possibly already here, if you live in Japan). I am chomping at the bit to get a hold of Bringer of Light if it exists/when it exists, and recommend that you jump on whatever music streaming service you use and give them a shot. A world of promise in this EP, and I am looking forward to hearing them live next year.

Killing Songs :
Bringer of Light, The Black Cancer, and Against All Odds
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