Conan - Monnos
Burning World
Doom Metal
6 songs (39:13)
Release year: 2012
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Reviewed by Stefan
Surprise of the month
Damn, this is heavy!

Heading from the UK (Liverpool), and presently delivering their first full-length following a couple of EPs, Conan is a three piece that knows not compromise and delivers a brand of (not so typical) Doom Metal that is not for the faint-hearted.

Monolithic is the word that immediately comes to mind while sampling Monnos for the first time as, with a down-tuned wall of guitars (or at least they sound like down-tuned guitars to me), a mastodon rhythm section and generally angry/warlike vocals, the band produces the effect of hitting a concrete wall at full-speed (even if the music's rather on the slow side of things) and liking every second of it despite the painfully unavoidable consequences.

Yes, being a tad masochistic helps digging that medicine, one with little time to take a breath (thank God, the aerial instrumental Golden Axe gives us just that!), one that takes doom to an almost stoner/post metal realm, so much that you sometimes think of Neurosis, for example, if ever they decided to record some Doom Metal, and, bloody hell!, it sounds great.

Actually, I don’t want to go into too much detail for this one, it’s not the kind of album I feel a track by track review or even details about this or that song would do justice to, suffice to say every song is a piece of the puzzle and the whole is stronger than its parts, as it should be with every good “odyssey”.

Slow, deep and hard (in memoriam…), that’s the deal. Take it or leave it.
Killing Songs :
All, for reasons explained in the review.
Stefan quoted 92 / 100
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