Blood Duster - Cunt
Relapse Records
20 songs (27:54)
Release year: 2001
Relapse Records
Reviewed by Kyler
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Blood Duster makes no apologies for their vulgar lyrics and offensive samples, and that’s what makes them so great. These Australian grindsters fully embrace all that is immature, and you can laugh with them or cross your arms and become a part of their all-encompassing mockery. Blood Duster combines speed, humor and great riffs into the blues-infused grindcore masterpiece that is Cunt.

With song titles such as I Just Finished Sucking Off Metal Heads In The Men’s Urinals and I Love It When Joe Pesci Swears, you know what kind of deadpan juvenile humor to expect from the aptly named Cunt album. Blood Duster continues in the grind tradition of keeping the average listener at bay through being as offensive as possible. While it doesn’t take much intelligence to write offensive lyrics, or even to write a grind song in general, what makes Blood Duster a memorable and spectacular grind band is they do not always blast straight through their songs. While this band can lay the speed on at any given notice, and they often do, Blood Duster also makes sure to litter every song with equally memorable moments of death metal, blues, upbeat rock solos and even church organs. There are many more influences to be found in this album than mere grindcore.

Though some may be turned off by their sophomoric approach, there is literally nothing wrong with this album. The song order flows, the aggression and humor mix perfectly, and every solo, tempo change and sample fits perfectly. My only complaint is that we can’t keep Blood Duster in some cryogenic cell and only take them out every three years so they can write an album before being refrozen. Bands like Blood Duster need to be around for a long time.

Killing Songs :
We Are The World Police, Big Fat Arse, I Love It When Joe Pesci Swears, Sweet Meat
Kyler quoted 89 / 100
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