Pathfinder - Fifth Element
Sonic Attack
Symphonic Power Metal
11 songs (57'49)
Release year: 2012
Reviewed by Olivier

Polish Power Metal new sensation Pathfinder are back with a second album entitled Fifth Element. And while this is a definitely different exercise than their very good debut Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time, it can just as definitely be considered to be at least as good.

But let's be a little grouchy and begin with what is wrong in this album: the lyrics. They are poorly written, overdone, corny... hell, they really are hypercheesy. The album is some sort of conceptual album built around a so-called fifth element (I will not spoil the err.. "surprise" and reveal what this fifth element is), and features epic battles, dragons, the human-elves-dwarves triptych, space-time intricacies, and... that kind of nerd stuff (I am pretty sure they also put unicorns somewhere). The storyline itself is OK and fitting considering what the album tries to achieve: telling an epic heroic-fantasy story in a bombastic way.

Now, how is the music? Simply put: systematically somewhere between good and awesome. It varies throughout the album, but these guys are rock-solid musicians there is not even an ounce of a doubt about it. While the opener is one of the cheesiest intros I have ever heard, it quickly makes room for two excellent tracks: Fifth Element and Ready To Die Between Stars. Musically, think of a symbiosis between old Rhapsody and Dragonforce. Pathfinder's sound is epic, upbeat, features breathtaking choirs, frantic solos, insane keyboards, and is more often than not fast-paced. In sum: that band is FUN. The remaining of the album is in the same vein of those two tracks though, and you could have that I-just-heard-that-three-minutes-ago feeling. Granted, this is a bit of a redundant effort, much more than their previous one, Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time. But it is also more consistent, musically more mature, and is all in all an improvement over their nicely done debut.

Bottom-line: Fifth Element is an album which should delight all Power Metal fans - especially those missing old Rhapsody (of Fire) - who can stomach over-the-top lyrics. Think you're up to it? Don't hesitate, then.

Fifth Element (Official, Youtube)

Killing Songs :
Fifth Element, Ready To Die Between Stars, Chronokinesis, March to the Darkest Horizon, When the Sunrise Breaks the Darkness.
Olivier quoted 83 / 100
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