Metal Inquisitor - The Apparition
Iron Glory Records
Traditional Heavy Metal
10 songs (46'06)
Release year: 2002
Metal Inquisitor, Iron Glory Records
Reviewed by Olivier
Archive review

Since the day they formed in 1998, Metal Inquisitor always has been about playing traditional heavy metal. When listening to their records, the same words come to mind, over and over again: Iron Maiden, Running Wild, Judas Priest, Accept. Metal Inquisitor is not the most original band out there, clearly not. But damn can they be good at what they do, and damn does their name suit them!

Their debut, The Apparition, is the kind of classic heavy metal kick in the nuts you need when you’re feeling down and are in the mood for prepared ground, for something familiar. It begins with Take Revenge, which directly starts with a glory-blazing riff that easily could have been taken from any heavy metal classic. The riff actually reminds me a bit of the opening riff of Gamma Ray’s Somewhere Out in Space. Just so you know with what kind of glory we’re dealing here. The second track, Zombie Driver, is all about rolling and galloping riffs. Riffs you have probably heard a thousand times… which means they are good.

Then comes the blasting Run for Your Life, a song that basically screams for headbanging and that will fill your metal cravings… but be sure to have a little more room for some dose of awesome, for the jewel of the album is coming right now: Daze of Avalon. In all honesty, I think this song could very well have its place in Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast. Yes. It’s that good. It’s a song that any self-respecting metalhead into classic heavy metal should hear at least once. Killer opening riff, killer chorus. The Maiden and Running Wild influences are more than obvious here, and to be honest some bits of the song are almost rip-off material. But who cares? It feels GREAT.

The problem is, with that good a first half, the second part of the album almost feels bland. Almost. Because My Sacrifice and The Duke are two fast-paced tunes with glorious solos that will be well worth your time. And then after those, the album ends with an very well executed and aggressive Open Fire cover, Twardy Jak Skala, which is a perfect choice to end this album, or any gig of theirs.

To conclude, let’s just put it that way: if you are not into classic heavy metal, don’t bother listening to this. If you want something original, this album is not for you. But now if you want some solid, kick-ass heavy metal… Get this. That’s an order.

Killing Songs :
Daze of Avalon!!! But also Zombie Driver, Run for Your Life, My Sacrifice, The Duke.
Olivier quoted 83 / 100
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