Dust Bolt - Violent Demolition
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Napalm Records
Reviewed by Cory
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A fresh slab of meat for all you thrash carnivores out there, Germany’s Dust Bolt enter the metal fray with their debut album Violent Demolition. Following the current thrash vein being mined by bands like Warbringer and to a lesser extent Toxic Holocaust, Violent Demolition is chock full of head banging riffs and leads that for the most part actually succeed in sounding fresh and interesting, rather than falling into the trap of simply rehashing what has already been done. Surprisingly they have been active since 2006, though in that time they only released a single EP called Chaos Possession in 2010 (which I never listened to). Still, if a great album is what they were pursuing, then mission accomplished.

Leading the way for this machine is Lenny B on vocals and guitars. His mix of raspy clean vocals with that occasional salt water gurgling wail works to fine effect, and between him and Flo D’s guitar work there is plenty to snap your neck. The rhythm section of Bene M (bass and backing vocals) and Nico R (drums) is certainly up to par, and as a whole Dust Bolt is a tight and effective thrashing monster. Stylistically Violent Demolition does nothing to re-invent the wheel, but rather is content to strap it onto a steam roller and run your ass over, which works just fine for me. Tracks range from good to great, with really nothing that stands out as anything close to being weak. Top tracks for me include March Thru Pain, Shattered by Reality, and When Thy Shall Come – Oblivion. But honestly you can throw a dart blind folded and hit something you will enjoy.

When it comes to straight up thrash metal, there really aren’t that many words to describe it that you haven't heard before so let me simply say this in closing: Dust Bolt’s Violent Demolition will beat the living shit out of you if given a chance. This is thrash metal as solid as a fucking anvil, and the horns are flying to this one.

Killing Songs :
All kill, but March Thru Pain, Shattered by Reality, and When Thy Shall Come - Oblivion annihilate.
Cory quoted 88 / 100
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