Hugo - Time On Earth
Frontiers Records
Pop Rock
11 songs (55'34)
Release year: 2000
Frontiers Records
Reviewed by Chris

Well... another 80' like production, but this one is lighter, it's more pop rock than it is metal, but who cares... it sounds pretty good and that's enough for me. And I tell you I enjoy having some nice simple melodic rock from time to time, to cool things up a bit (doesn't hurt you'll see). Toto meets Haywire (an old band that never really made an impression out there). Now this is the kind of CD that demonstrate that you don't need to be a technical guitar hero to achieve a good record.

The riffs and keyboards arrangements are so simple that you ask yourself why you couldn't make it on your own, but that's all music is about, you don't especially need 5 notes a second, sometimes one good note then and there can achieve the desired emotion. I'm amazed like I was amazed with Haywire in it's own time (album name is Don't Just Stand There if any of you are lucky enough to find the CD). The Singer reminds me of someone... I unfortunately cannot find who (dammit :) )... anyway he's got a very sweet voice (did I say that out loud :) ?) that goes perfectly with the tone of the album. For all fans of Pop / Hard-Rock who like nice melodies and catchy songs. (About the voice of the singer and after a mind fight with my memories... I'd say there's some of Rod Steward in singer's voice... but there's something else, perhaps you can tell me)

Killing Songs :
There are all really nice
Chris quoted 75 / 100
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