Speed Kill Hate - Out for Blood
Hammerfist Records
10 songs (35:40)
Release year: 2011
Reviewed by Cory

Having spent a good chunk of my recent time listening to Overkill’s The Electric Age, and enjoying the hell out of it, it is safe to say that thrash has been my genre of choice recently. Yet even after that disc has spun its way back onto the shelf, the need still lingers for some blistering riffs to get the nose bleeding and ears popping, and with that in mind I turn to Speed Kill Hate’s 2011 effort Out for Blood. A side project for Overkill guitarist Dave Lynsk, it is surprising (or perhaps not considering Overkill’s consistent history of excellence) that he has this many tight riffs left over to pump into another band. Yet for the majority of its rather short run time (35:40) Out for Blood abuses the ear drums with a fine thrash assault, competent and well executed from every angle. Even though this is only the band’s second release, following Acts of Insanity way back in 2004, each member brings some veteran experience to the table. Still, thrash being the likeminded instrumental animal it is, it remains up to the vocals to remove these guys from the average and give them an identity outside of the “merely a good thrash band” realm and that task is handled quite effectively by vocalist Bob Barnak. Sounding something like a blend of Randy Blythe’s controlled rage and Phil Anselmo’s boundless energy; Bob works his way through the songs with abandon and more often than not succeeds in providing the finishing touch on songs that are worthy of replay.

Speaking of the individual songs, things start off with the decent No Remorse, which is not a bad song, but is probably my least preferred track on the album. Breeding Hate is where the ass kicking officially begins and after that the assault never really slows down. Written in Blood is by far my favorite song on the album, with a stylistic nod to Slayer. Deceiver thrashes in Lamb of God fashion, and is the most notable example of Bob channeling some Randy Blythe. Brotherhood of Arms is a neck snapper, and probably the most aggressive tune to be found here. Mosh Pits for this song should be suitably insane. Remaining tracks are all enjoyable of varying degree, as long as you enjoy your thrash brutal and to the point.

Speed Kill Hate may be a side project for Dave Linsk, but they still hold up just fine in the modern thrash scene. Plenty of homage is paid on this album, but not to the point they lose their identity, and those looking for an aggression filled beat down can purchase this album without second thought. A fine album to add to your collection.

Killing Songs :
Breeding Hate, Written in Blood, Deceiver, Mark of Judas, and Brotherhood of Arms
Cory quoted 84 / 100
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