Necroblaspheme - XXVI: The Deeper, The Better
Self Release
Blackened Death Metal
6 songs (28:15)
Release year: 2012
Reviewed by Jaime
Who the fuck is Anaal Nathrakh? That's the question that Necroblaspheme's XXVI: The Deeper - The Better slams into your face with its opening salvo. While matching and going beyond the intensity of the English duo is one thing, but the band has carved out their own, fairly novel identity. Case in point: song titles like The Great Dead Moose and the album cover's almost pop art stylings shift it away from the typical grim and murky monochrome visual elements that're often tagged onto black metal and the jagged sensabilities of death metal. Pidgonholing the band in there is a bit of a tight fit as well, they have little melodic breaks and leads that're diving through the bombardment, and there is no other way to describe it, which fires out of your speakers. Not to mention how the songs suddenly turn into something completely different for their respective outros. The guitar tone is barely contained, the vocals a rasping bellow, the bass and drums thunder out from behind it all. It should be a complete mess but it's not. It's organised chaos at its best, with a filthy but precise production that raises the bar even higher. Tie that into their occasional groovy death metal moments and you have one hell of a magic formula.

Then there are the little things. H. vs. H.: The Last Exit's slightly more creative use of samples that the unnamed vocalist barks along with in unison. Their slightly unique version of Sound of Silence that is almost uplifting, kinda like Jesu but with growls. Well, until the blastbeats pop up.The final track, the previously mentioned The Great Dead Moose, is an utterly devastating sonic assault that just encapsulated the band's twisted ways in one 5 minute chunk. Not everything is perfect, Vantour could be your generic death metal track were it not for the band's unique sonic qualities. The little black metal-esque break kinda makes up for it though.

So what now? Well the band has the whole thing up for free here and you owe it to yourself to go check it out.
Killing Songs :
Seated to The Left of Sick, H. vs H.: The Last Exit, Sound of Silence
Jaime quoted 87 / 100
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