Pungent Stench - Masters Of Mortal Servants Of Sin
Nuclear Blast
Death Metal
10 songs (????)
Release year: 2001
Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Paul

The most well-known band from Austria in the death metal scene is bringing out a new cd. They are coming with the experience from all these years, especially Martin Schirenc which has his side project Hollenthon.

I've seen Pungent Stench on tour with Macabre and Brutal Truth some years ago. It was kind of intense what was going on on stage, I can remember. The guys from the band were really nice, and believe it or not the after-show party ended in a techno dance local. What a mess it was...

Masters Of Mortal Servants Of Sin (the tittle could be longer...) is very sharp and intense and kind of brutal, as usual with the insane spirit of the band. It is great death metal going pretty close to the old thrash school from the 80's. I am talking here about Protector particularly. The vocals are often very close to Cronos and sound a bit "Venomous" to me.

If you'd like some funny tittles there you are: Diary Of A Nurse, Viva Il Vaticano, Mortuary Love Affair. School's Out Forever is definitely not an Alice Cooper cover !!!

Sorry for the short review but this is a short cd. When you get a fade away version you can't get far. The reviewer who's getting involved a few hours for this free job needs a complete material for a complete work. Thank you Nuclear Blast for your kind comprehension...

Killing Songs :
Loot Shoot Electrocute
Paul quoted 72 / 100
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