Fleshcrawl - Soulskinner
MetalBlade Records
Death Metal
10 songs (43'30)
Release year: 2001
Fleshcrawl, MetalBlade Records
Reviewed by Paul

One of the few death metal bands from Germany perpetuating the typical Swedish tradition in this genre. The band formed in 1987 used to be first called Morgöth and then Suffocation. As a US band also called Suffocation made their first vinyl appearance, they needed a new change of name. So then came Fleshcrawl in 1991 with Lost In A Grave. Soulskinner is the 7th album of the band.

This year Fleshcrawl already supported Bolt Thrower in Germany and in Holland. In June they have supported Six Feet Under on their Torture-Tour 2001. Soulskinner's cover, remembering quiet a bit Sinister's cover from Hate, is a great work of insanity and morbid as perfectly!!!!!!! This is a brilliant art of desolation and the pictures inside are a good job too.

Hey, the last song is called Metal Gods, I am very happy if it is a Judas Priest cover. And yes it is one, so I have to listen patiently to the whole album before listening to it, that ain't fair. But in return for my patience, I will discover an interesting death metal classic album with killing riffs, breaks and tempos. The production is clear, powerful, some kind of straight into your face.

I like the tittle track Deathvastation, not only for playing on words but the song deserves this name. So I am now listening to this Judas Priest cover and believe me it is a good one!!!!! I have known worse with Priest covers and I know what I am talking about. Fleshcrawl have covered it in a very catchy death metal spirit way and have respected the solo. Not only for this big red cherry on the Soulskinner-pie, but also for the rest of the songs this album deserves a good quote.

Killing Songs :
Deathwastation & Metal Gods
Paul quoted 82 / 100
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