Weapon of Choice - The Rebellion EP 2011
Groovy Thrash/Death Metal
5 songs (19:02)
Release year: 2011
Weapon of Choice
Reviewed by Aleksie
Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, Canada (Let’s go Saginaw Spirit!), Weapon of Choice seems to have very little to do with Christopher Walken dancing on tables to the sounds of loopy sampling and very much with heavy metal filled with an ass-kicking attitude. The package is an interesting mix of thrashy riffage, death metallic harshness and bone-deep grooves. Maybe like a thrashier Lamb of God. Or a groovier version of early The Haunted. Somewhere along such battlegrounds in any case.

The opener Descent brings a nicely pounding blast off into your ears with a notable knack for playing around a little with the rhythms while clearly steering away from prog. Singer Erik Morand supplies a very effective Anselmo-fused hoarse bark that brings the pissed-off point of the group across very well. While this base is rock-solid, his attempts at expanding beyond possible monotony with tighter screeches land a bit short of the convincing mark. Still, it’s a good sign that a desire to stretch out is clear and keeping the grindstone rolling is all it should take to improve. With rapidly ripping tunes like Difference of Eyes in their back pocket, there is much, much potential at work here.

The rhythm section feels locked into each other very nicely and the simple yet effective double bass runs of Forest Frair warrant a good mention. Kudos also for the freewheeling soloing-spirit of the Windibank/Scott-guitar duo who don’t hold back but also keep the widdling tasteful. As for my regular production-mantra of “More Bass”, I would like to hear Mr. Shelson’s capabilities more clearly. You can surely feel the bass here as the soundscape is solid as well, but me being more than a bit pervy for the bass, I’d want MOAR!

Overall, Weapon of Choice is clearly a band whose name one should place behind the ear for the future. Whoever likes to consume their malty liquids while headbanging furiously should also head to their Myspace-page linked above right now and crack open a few of them cold ones.
Killing Songs :
Descent & Difference of Eyes
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