Virulence - A Conflict Scenario
Morbid Records
Grind / Death / Jazz
8 songs (29'00)
Release year: 2001
Morbid Records
Reviewed by Paul

Virulence is a band from Massachusetts which exists since 1998. In 1999 the band released its first mini album entirely self-produced and self distributed called The Dormant Strains and in the same year Dave Sheaffer joined the band as bass player. He brought some new musical perspectives in the quartet. The band has pushed further the limits of grindcore and death by adding free jazz breaks into their what is the word again???? Just remind me; ooh yes: music...

The cover of A Conflict Scenario looks more to something gothic, but anyway what kind of cover could fit with the style of the band? So alike their cover the band is really anti-conformist and just plays what it wants to play. And that is the main thing with the band. Virulence is a bunch of technical spirits which takes it all seriously or is it just a masquerade and free-jazz improvisations added to brutal rhythm saccade??? Anyway their songs sound like a race to the end of the cd, hey guys who's gonna finish this one first ????????? And if there are some unjustifiable unimaginable inimitable jazz improvisation. The better the race is. But at the end, effect it sounds a bit messy and very very over-the-top-grindcore jam. :-((

Will the death and grindcore fans be that open to accept all these styles mixed up together? That is a good question that I asked myself.

So if you want to listen to something very, but I mean very original and strange, you can always listen to it or even buy it, but I warn you this is at your own risks and expenses...

Killing Songs :
Paul quoted 30 / 100
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