Mithras - Time Never Lasts (EP)
Death Metal
5 songs (27:25)
Release year: 2011
Reviewed by Goat

Some of the best news I heard of late was that shouty bass master Rayner Coss had rejoined his creative partner Leon Macey in synth-draped mentalists Mithras, and this stopgap release will go a long way towards sating those fans eagerly looking forward to a follow-up to 2007’s Behind The Shadows Lie Madness. Featuring two new songs and three live cuts, it shows the band’s skills off well and will excite anyone looking for a sample of what Morbid Angel should really be sounding like in 2011. There’s not a single disco beat to be found here, just straightforward double-bass driven death metal with some very unstraightforward guitar wizardry.

The title track kicks proceedings off quite literally with a roar of death metal instrumentation, building to a crushingly heavy yet surprisingly melodic battery, Coss on fine vocal form as a technical maelstrom constantly reverberates beneath him. Although in the past Mithras sometimes erred on the side of technicality over songcraft, that hasn’t happened here, as the melodic patterns are just strong and catchy enough to hold your attention as you are blinded with instrumental wizardry. The following Inside The Godmind is even better, a blizzard of heaviness that devolves into piledriving groove, ending in interstellar static. An intriguing foretaste of what is to come...

As for the live tracks, they’re better than I expected, surprisingly clear and well-recorded, both the brute force of Mithras’ sound and the melodic technicality coming through. Tomb Of Kings, the Domination-esque Wrath Of God and the proggy spaceyness of Beyond The Eyes Of Man all feature, the latter notably shorter compared to its studio version. All in all, fans will love this, but those new to the band should start elsewhere for a full showing of the band’s powers.

Killing Songs :
Time Never Lasts, Inside The Godmind
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