Speedwolf - Ride with Death
Hells Headbangers
Speed/Thrash Metal
12 songs (41'37")
Release year: 2011
Hells Headbangers
Reviewed by Alex
Surprise of the month

The cover art of Denver’s Speedwolf Ride with Death is a perfect preview of what’s to come. One look at this black-and-white telling lithograph breathes thrashy and energetic music laden with jailbreak and devil-may-care attitude. In the case of Speedwolf, the cover indeed fits the contents of the book and this debut full-length cranks out its short punchy dozen tracks at non-relenting tempo, spitting them out one by one like machine gun bullets.

The formula for the quartet is simple, and simplicity here corrupts, making Ride with Death an immediate and engaging listen. Take NWOBHM melodies, set them up to a quick-paced hardcore-punk beat, spice them up with cool crazy-ass guitar solos when the time is right (Death Ripper, The Reaper) and vocalize it with obvious Lemmy Kilmister worship and you pretty much have an idea for what Ride with Death sounds like. This is some playful music (Out on Bail, The Reaper) to which one has a perfect opportunity to unburden thyself from any pensive thoughts. If you see Speedwolf advertised to be playing in one of your favorite nearby drinking establishments (and I have a feeling these guys would make for a good bunch of road warriors), make an effort to go see them. You will leave with your neck hurting, fingers stuck in a permanent horn position, but definitely with a light heart. If you arrive atop a motorcycle, that would be all the more fitting, and a front row space for you is then guaranteed. And if you can’t ride a motorcycle yet, songs like Death Ripper are bound to give you the urge to enroll at the nearest Harley school.

Beginning with a pregnant anticipation of the opening title track, revisiting some obvious Judas Priest riffs in the opening of Up All Night and chopping ‘em up in I Am the Demon, Speedwolf begin fast, only to make things complete breakneck by veering out of control towards the end with the title track and Denver 666. If you ever thought that Motorhead music is something you consider “fun times”, Ride with Death is a total no-brainer of a pickup.

Killing Songs :
All are fun, but my favorites were Death Ripper and The Reaper
Alex quoted 78 / 100
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