Dragonslayer - Cronos
Heavy Metal
11 songs (48'36")
Release year: 2007
Reviewed by Chris
Archive review

I'm gonna try something new today, I'm gonna try writing a short review :). No really it's interesting how at first metalreviews.com reviews where just a few sentences long, like mini-reviews, and it eventually evolved, but now I know I am amongst the one who drag them out. So for Dragonslayer I will try to be write a to the point short review. Let's see how it turns out shall we ?

Dragonslayer is a Heavy Metal band from Spain, and Cronos is, in my humble opinion, their best album. It's full of catchy melodies & hooks, heavy old school riffing, and wonderful vocals from a singer that can vary sweet, almost pop style with a bit more agressive tones when required (like on the awesome song Ambibion). If I should describe his vocals in only one word it would be "Panache" ! Muscially the band is no-nonsense, straight heavy metal, sometimes borderline Hard-Rock. Guitar riffs can be square, cubic even, while guitar melodies really sing in contrast, with some great solos, even if sometimes short but usually fast and technical for the most part, but most of all ultra melodic. The songs are catchy, with a distinct rhythm based verses, more melodic bridges and memorable catchy choruses. It might sound formulaic but the album actually contains a great variety of songs and never feels repetitive. There are 11 tracks, including a Roxette cover (Sleeping in My Car, one of my favorite Roxette song) but the cover lacks the punch of the original, and the accent on the English lyrics also doesn't help. Musically it's fine, it's vocally that it fails to improve over the original. The ballad Luna de Libertad is a great song mostly driven by accoustic guitars, the beginning of the song reminding me of Triumph's All The King's Horses. As I mentionned before in a Dragonfly review, I love the mix of Spanish lyrics (even though I don't get them much) and Metal music. Spanish is a wonderful sounding language and even more so when sung.

An album that rocks the house from beginning to end (minus the slightly inferior cover), one I never get bored of. Unfortunately Dragonslayer split after Cronos, so we are unlikely to ear more from these guys and well that's a shame as far as I'm concerned. They have a back catalogue but it's with a dfiferent singer, to tell you the truth this is the only album that's accomplished accross the board (vocals, guitars, song-writing & production). A true gem I'm very glad to have found, and one I know I will listen for years to come.

Killing Songs :
Pretty much all of them
Chris quoted 87 / 100
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