Total Fucking Destruction - Hater
27 songs (27:31)
Release year: 2011
Total Fucking Destruction, Kaotoxin
Reviewed by Goat

Originally formed by Rich Hoak after the temporary demise of Brutal Truth in 1999, Total Fucking Destruction have survived that legend’s reincarnation with their less serious, if equally deranged and chaotic sound. Where Brutal Truth are furious political and social crusaders, Total Fucking Destruction take an almost whimsical view of Armageddon, a view that on the band’s third full-length is pumped full of vim and energy, being distinctly heavier here than on 2008’s Peace, Love And Total Fucking Destruction. Opening ballet of violence Weaponisation Of The Mega-Self wastes no time in pounding your head in with punky derision, and the album rarely takes a breather from then on. Those familiar with the band will know the ease in which they mix in other genres, the blackened battery of Crypto Apoptosis just one example of many. Thrashy stomps like Everything You Need But Nothing You Want will be as appealing to grindcore veterans as newcomers to this grim and grunty genre, the album having a sense of fun that the band’s more po-faced peers lack.

Total Fucking Destruction keep that fun alive with the sheer variety of their songwriting, moving from feedback-laden bits of noise I Not Pose through brief blast If 9 Became 6 to punky stomper Repeat Repeatedly, without sacrificing intensity or flow. Those thrashers reading in search of a raw, thrilling speed ride would find much to enjoy in the rampant likes of Time Theft, whilst hardcore punk types will love the screechy Lovegrinder. That Total Fucking Destruction can bring these together in such a potent, grinding mix speaks much for them, as does the speed and willingness of the listener to listen to the album again as soon as it’s finished. I’d hesitate to say that this is the best album from the band (the aforementioned Peace Love And Total Fucking Destruction is a bit more experimental and self-aware) but Hater is a great bit of unorthodox grind that’s worthy of the band, and will tide fans over until the new Brutal Truth drops on us like the ten-ton hammer of awesome that it will be. Fingers crossed.

Killing Songs :
Weaponisation of The Mega-Self, Crypto Apoptosis, I Not Pose, Time Theft, Nekropunk, Tony Hung Himself, Lovegrinder, Human Is The Bastard
Goat quoted 79 / 100
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