Pretty Maids - Future World
CBS Records
Heavy Metal
9 songs (41'24)
Release year: 1987
Pretty Maids
Reviewed by Paul

Pretty Maids from Denmark are THE Heavy Metal reference in Scandinavia since the mid'80's. It is for sure a very great band and Future World is THE album from the band. I don't know who drew the album's artcover but it is beautiful and still up to date. OK lets forget about the pictures of Pretty Maids members on the back of the cover, lets say to the youngest of you that it was very fashion to be dresses and hair-styled like this... But hey, how many bands tried to get the same cover and to bring out the equivalent but failed??? They were and still are plenty.

About the band: the two leaders are Ronnie Atkin (vocals) and Ken Hammer (guitars) you just need to take a look to their live album Screamin' Live you'll only see pictures of these two guys...But lets admit what a talent, what a songwriting and what a powerful and modulable voice. Ron's vocals can be either very soft and melodic or deep and strong and fits perfectly with Pretty Maids style and riffs.

When you only listen to the intro you think this is a S.F. movie of some kind. Future World's riff is fast and melodic (I think Sepultura has taken
something of it to put it in Arise...). We Came To Rock is a great mid tempo. Love Games and Long Way To Go are great AOR songs with a catchy melodies. Yellow Rain is fantastic art : the intro is very soft , then great power is delivered til the end: a classic. Loud And Proud is a good heavy one too. The riff of Rodeo could be a mixture between a Scorpions and an Europe song but in the end it's just a great Pretty Maids song. Needless In The Dark is a killer too. The last song of this masterpiece Eye Of The Storm is a ballad and a great one.

From the band to the fans :
"Take your chances - Turn the key - Open up the door - To another history : Future World"

This album is dedicated to the loving memory of Phil Lynott (rip)

I hope there will soon be a tribute album to Pretty Maids because they really deserve at least one if it is not more !!

Killing Songs :
The whole damm' cd, cause there's really nothing to throw away in Future World.
Paul quoted 100 / 100
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