Darkside - Cognitive Dissonance
Season Of Mist
Death Metal
12 songs (48'10)
Release year: 2001
Season Of Mist
Reviewed by Danny

After a few seconds, you just want to push the stop button (I am talking of the first song as the intro is cool actually), because Darkside's music is so strange, so complicated that their music can be resumed in three words : This is bullshit !!!

Open mind will overpass the first step and once you enter in Darkside's world, you realize you made the right choice by not pushing the stop button. Nothing really new here except the demonstration of black melodies, except the demonstration again that death metal is not dead (sorry about this stupid sentence ;-) ). With Darkside you become conscious death metal as so much to offer and is still able to astonished any listener.

Mixing thrash and death metal with typical black metal elements (keyboard & vocals), Darkside's fourth records since 1991 sees the arrival of new members, without ignoring their roots. The strong point here is that Darkside's music cannot be categorized as death metal ... as this is really a piece of its own. The bad points however are the production and the mixing. I cannot imagine what would have been this Cognitive Dissonance with a production "à la" Dimmu Borgir.

Hope next time they will have a better production (or producer ?!?). Who said it is never too late to do well !!!

Killing Songs :
Caress Of The Sleeping Giant
Danny quoted 70 / 100
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