Hurricane - Liquifury
Frontiers Records
Hard Rock
11 songs (50'15)
Release year: 2001
Frontiers Records
Reviewed by Dom

After 3 albums and somewhat 11 years later, their fourth album appears on the counter of your favorite record outlets. It's a pleasure for me to introduce this brand new CD and I have to say that I have a particulate feeling with this band. However they're made, I'm always pleased with their albums. But this time, they have composed their finest record.

From the compositions to the mastering, they have done everything themselves. Jay and Kelly can be compared to John and Paul ! This album was made under pressure from their fans as for along time, they received lots of letters and Emails asking them why they didn't make another album. With this in mind, they searched for a record label who wants to work with them. They have found in the Italian label Frontiers Records the ideal partner for realizing their project. This project must be a new album for Hurricane, not a pale copy of their past discography! They've done it! Actual sound, subtle arrangements, clear sound and good lyrics. It's pleasant to see they haven't treated their fans as a moneybox! Afterwards, I exhumed from my personal record shelves their 3 CDs. What a delight for my old ears! It was like a ride in a time machine : all my youth passing before my eyes ! For your rock culture, I can tell you that the guitarist on their third album was… Doug Aldrich (Bad Moon Rising, Lion, …).

Don't forget to keep the children away from these records, explicit lyrics require parental authorization.

Yours Sincerely,

Killing Songs :
Ruler Gold, New God, Happy To Be Your Fool, Bleed For Me
Dom quoted 80 / 100
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