Blut Aus Nord - 777 Sect(s)
Debemur Morti Productions
Industrial Black Metal
6 songs (45:26)
Release year: 2011
Blut Aus Nord, Debemur Morti Productions
Reviewed by Tony
Major event
Once again Blut Aus Nord weave together some of the strangest, most dissonant, conflicting sounds in a genre full of such chaos. In a musical node laden with atonal riffs and spine chilling atmospheric melodies, no band carves a more dark, horrifying experience through their mastery of riffs. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether Blut Aus Nord have total control over their musical actions or if they are simply writing a load of bollocks on detuned guitars and blasting at them. Regardless of how Blut Aus Nord seek and translate their inspirations, 777 Sect(s), which I believe is the first in a trilogy, is a very good album. This is nothing new or groundbreaking for the band, but simply a talented band taking their previous efforts and evolving them into a more industrial visage.

Blut Aus Nord may be the only band that I enjoy for their meanderings more than their action and heaviness, save for exceptions from the Ukrainian scene. The sounds and scenes of a Blut Aus Nord album are in equal parts revolting and entrancing. The guitars on Epitome III (there are six tracks all named Epitome followed by a Roman Numeral denoting their order) almost sound like a swarm of wasps striking down a herd of confused elephants. In no way am I exaggerating. These are some of the most repulsive yet interesting sounds I have heard in a while.

It helps that the cymbals in particular during blast beats have a very earthen, clanging sound quality to them to ground the otherwise celestial tones perpetuated throughout this album. Many of these tracks bear a similar structure to The Work Which Transforms God in the sense that they will attack for the first half of a track in a flurry and die down to interstellar wanderings and atonal dirges. Epitome IV clocks in at nearly 12 minutes and begins with some chunky guitar riffs, groovy drumming and strange vocal constructs. The band have that Slavic quality in which they can play marathon quality songs and still keep the listener in their grasp despite many wandering moments and spells of less amplified rhythms. Much like a great movie, these bands have just enough scenes to establish a plot, and just enough action scenes to evoke a sense of power in the song.

Blut Aus Nord is extremely hard to describe to those who have not heard them yet. This album is more of the same that we are used to from the band. It is fairly decent, no major complaints, with a few more than enjoyable songs. Look forward to the next chapter in this supposed trilogy!

Killing Songs :
Epitome I, Epitome V
Tony quoted 76 / 100
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