Motorhead - No Sleep 'til Hammersmith
No sleep'til you buy it !!!!!!!!!
Disc 1: 18 songs (65'30) Disc 2: 11 songs (43'50)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Paul

There are many reasons I bought this double live cd: my vinyl is 20 years old and its dead (man, I tell no tales;-), I didn't buy the first cd version, Motörhead is the band I've seen the most live and and I survived to one of the concerts of THE Ace Of Spades Tour in '81.

It is a must: this edition is digitally remastered with a 16 page booklet for the 20th anniversary of this amazing tour in 1981 featuring 17 previously unreleased live tracks taken essentially from the performances in Newcastle and Leeds. It is probably with Sir Ian" Lemmy" Kilmister, "Fast" Eddie Clarke and Philty "Animal" Taylor the best line up (with the actual I think) of Motörhead. This tour followed the Ace Of Spades album which is THE reference album for every Motörheadbanger living on this planet or even another one.

When you know that Motörhead used to play at 120 decibels, it is about what an airplane makes by a takeoff, you maybe understand better why the band used to have a bomber over the stage since their album Bomber in 1979!!!!!!!!! I remember my dad waiting for me in front of the Palladium(I was very young by the time...) telling me that he didn't have to be inside to hear the noise (don't sweat it, getting' back to you) anyway I couldn't get a word because my ears were ringing... The worst was the air-raid siren at the end of the show: you just couldn't stay in the hall. It wasn't certainly very easy to be a roadie after the show, this is maybe the reason the band wrote (We Are) The Roadcrew...

Ok you certainly know the 11 first tracks on the first cd. At least there aren't any overdubs on the 2nd because there are some mistakes and they left them but who gives a shit. By the way you can easily imagine by listening to these two masterpieces what kind of a hell of a mess a Motörhead concert was in these days...

What else to say a cult live album from the tour of a cult album from a cult band. And just because it is an album from from Metal-is: March or die, buy or die, March and-is (merchandise for the ones who didn't get it ;- ).

Killing Songs :
don't ask me...all of them
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