Autumn - My New Time
Metal Blade
Gothic Metal
11 songs (48:25)
Release year: 2007
Autumn, Metal Blade
Reviewed by Khelek
Archive review

This is a band that I have been interested in ever since their excellent 2009 album Altitude. So of course I had to go back in time a little bit and dig up a copy of My New Time, their 2007 release. It is for the most part very similar to Altitude, even though there is a different woman at the front of the band. This is Nienke de Jong's final album with Autumn, though she does sound quite similar to current singer Marjan Welman, so they have clearly done a good job choosing her replacement as both women fill the role very well. All the gothic melody is also still there complete with catchy riffs and soaring keyboards. There are a few differences though. Altitude is a bit more in-your-face than this is, especially in the first half of the album. However, even though it gets off to a somewhat slow start, I can safely say that those who have heard the band's other works will enjoy this one as well.

The first thing I noticed is that Nienke de Jong definitely sounds similar to the new singer, although Marjan Welman may admittedly have a bit stronger voice. The style of vocals here is certainly different than many gothic metal bands; you'll find no operatic singing here as in a band like Nightwish or Edenbridge. Satellites starts off pretty catchy, though somewhat subdued. The chorus is a pretty typical melody for this genre and definitely reminds me of Altitude. I really like how the keyboards are woven into the sound, and that is something that will be heard throughout this album. The first half of the album does start a bit slowly, even for a gothic album, but fortunately they get some energy going by the fourth song. Angel Of Desire has some riffs, but for the most part the keyboards and vocals carry the sound. Not to say this is a bad thing; the melodies created so far are serene and easy to get into, so there is plenty to like. Where it is lacking in intensity they make up for it with atmosphere. The title track is definitely more guitar-driven than others on this album. The riffs are pretty simplistic but they get the job done and go well with the synths and smooth vocals. Communication On Opium is also a heavier track with bigger drums and riffs. It starts off mellow, with clean guitar and atmospheric keyboard, building tension as slow riffs start the wheels turning and continue building in volume. The melody on Twisted And Turned is a bit poppy, reminding me of Within Temptation, but it's a very listenable song and they even have some decent guitar soloing going on.

Once again I have been impressed by Autumn and their ability to create serene atmospheres as well as energetic, riff-laden songs. This is certainly comparable to their latest album, though I think Altitude has a slightly higher number of memorable tracks. Either way, this is a solid album that I found to be an easy and entertaining listen. I will certainly be checking out more of their past work in anticipation of a new album.

Killing Songs :
My New Time, Communication On Opium, Twisted And Turned
Khelek quoted 78 / 100
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