Bodyfarm - Bodyfarm
Abyss Records
Death Metal
5 songs (17'29")
Release year: 2011
Reviewed by Alex

The Dutch young collective Bodyfarm must have spent a good deal of time thinking up their moniker, so my suggestion may sound a little corny. At the same time, since the music calls for this description, I can see other reviewers jumping on my bandwagon. While the Bodyfarm is certainly nice, Bodyslam would have been more fitting. Without pretence and not trying to pull a veil over anybody’s eyes, Bodyfarm prop the flag of Dutch death metal, drinking freely at the well of Pestilence and Asphyx.

After a rousing Into Battle introduction, the real battle ensues with the band/EP eponymous title track. Pounding drums and bass are locked into a lockstep, while monstrous downtuned guitar grooves slam it home – you pretty much know this drill. In a little twist and addition to their Dutch death metal roots, guitars slicing and wheezing, Bodyfarm also borrow a little from the early days of Hypocrisy, the songs’ thrash pickups showing plenty of snarl and catchiness.

As simplistic as Bodyfarm may come off, songs like Slaves of War (beginning with a very Kataklysm-like riff) will definitely send the fans of the genre on headbanging and foot tapping bliss. Rhythmically, Bodyfarm is as solid as they come, but they also know when to spice it up with a quick melodic solo (the end of Slaves of War). In the sign of times, Heartraped suffers from the unfortunate breakdown in the middle, but this quick nod to modernity can be forgiven.

I am not certain how much value can be extracted from the repeated listens to the Bodyfarm EP, but here is one collective which studied their history and reproduces it well, while having total fun doing it. The full-length, which will probably follow, will determine whether Bodyfarm leaves a more distinct and lasting mark.

Killing Songs :
Bodyfarm, Slaves of War
Alex quoted 75 / 100
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