Wyvern - No Defiance Of Fate
No Fashion Records
Wanna be True Metal
9 songs (46'50)
Release year: 2001
No Fashion Records
Reviewed by Chris

Well well well, yet another band trying to make themselves a place under the sun of the True Metal skies. Unfortunately Wyvern lacks a bit too many things to claim a position anyday soon.

Trying to play very fast and melodic, the band is more often more clumsy than anything else. Some riffs then and there are very cool, but they usually far too lost in the middle of the bad production and mixed-up atmosphere, errors on vocal melodies, clumsy transitions, well you name it ! The singer tries to sound like Nostradameus singer and he sometimes succeed, but most of the time his vocals are not up to the task. I believe that the spirit is there but that the band don't have the song writing abilities required to make a great album. I like some moments, some melodies (solos) and some ideas, but the overall is flooded by artistic mistakes and choices that are not only questionable but absurd. When I listen to the last song, a song that could have been perfect (the only one that's worth anything), this song start with a nice guitar intro, then it goes faster than light, and faster and faster, giving me a hard-on after only 1 minute of music, then comes the chorus, and at the second chorus comes the orgasm ! Until more than 2 minutes of song are gone I'm starting to thing that there's hope for Wyvern as this song really kick some serious ass (even if the only on the album) but then it finishes on a more than one minute long drumming wanna-be end of drum solo and a distorted guitar note that never ends (even Axel Rudi Pell don't dare holding it so long !), so beside proving that the guy have a great sustainer it just and simply kill the song as I don't feel like listening to this awful song ending again.

That's really too bad, the band needs to work a lot on composition as theirs are far from acceptable, but I'm willing to go for a lip of faith, because I remember a band called Dark Moor who made a terrible first album that contained only moments of genius and bright ideas, and who became, with the help of a good producer and hard work : a great True Metal act. I believe Wyvern maybe simply need a good producer and a spark of ingenuity along with hard work (they sure need to improve), but I feel that the rage and will to make good music is in them. This album is nevertheless a big failure, and unless you die to waste your money in vain you shouldn't even lose time with them, but I wouldn't dismiss them just yet and I'll be watching their next move with interest.

Killing Songs :
the first 2 minute of Power Of The Wyvern
Chris quoted 41 / 100
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