Borrowed Time - Demo
Heavy Metal
4 songs (13 minutes)
Release year: 2010
Reviewed by Jake

The 4-song demo by Borrowed Time--former bandmates of MetalReviews forumgoer Holy Terror--is another contribution to the growing movement of 80s revival bands. Fans of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal will know what to expect: wailing vocals, melodic guitar work, harmonies--the familiar package. Borrowed Time have something of a smoother sound, though; their music is still heavy and distorted, but they seem to be fond of the melodic/clean interludes that were always one of the more understated parts of the genre, and if there's a scale of British-style metal singing that runs from Paul Di'Anno's punk-rock rasp on one end to Geoff Tate's resonant croon on the other, BT's winning vocalist is on the latter side. While they do stray into aggressive power-chord riffing with satisfying enough results, their most satisfying moments come from the contrast of the soft tone of the singer's (still very big) voice or the guitars' quieter noodling against that power-chord loudness. That kind dynamism is a largely forgotten aspect of many of the less remembered gems from the original NWOBHM era, and is sadly underrepresented in most of the modern revival work, so it's welcome as a distinguishing feature of Borrowed Time. A four-track demo sadly doesn't afford much of an opportunity to appeal to an audience other than collectors of underground material or subgenre diehards, but those audiences aren't likely to regret the 13 minutes it takes to get through this, and a hypothetical longer release by Borrowed Time in the future would be worth spreading the word about.

Killing Songs :
Sailor on the Seas of Fate
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