Brainstorm - Ambiguity
MetalBlade Records
Power / Trash / True Metal ???
11 songs (57'54)
Release year: 2000
Brainstorm, MetalBlade Records
Reviewed by Chris

The album starts with a little nice intro and quickly merge into fast paced aggressive power/trash metal song. Unfortunately it's perhaps too aggressive, not much melody out there... with pretty annoying choirs on Chorus, darkly shouting "Crush Depth". As far as I'm concerned second track is not much better, the chorus is however a bit nicer, but again very trashy metal with almost no melody expect on the solo... coming out of nowhere and is a typical Fast As A Shark (Accept) tapping solo, pretty nice, but it's barely enough to save the song. Then, striking like a thunderstorm, comes an excellent song. I don't understand how Brainstorm can do such impressive songs when they can really make typical lifeless tunes as well. Beyond My Destiny is definitely the best song on this record, excellent ballad with strong moments and strong classical arrangements like you can find on Rage last album. Track 4 put me back on track with my first impression : boring. Although singer's voice sometimes remind me of Bruce Dickinson (don't misunderstand me :) ... still a lot of progress, but he's on the right direction), the album gets into too many directions and you cannot find a connecting line between all songs... The end of the album gets however better, with two nice songs Demonsion and Lost Unseen (now it would have been better to put them in the beginning of the CD : marketing wise... anyway). So I know I'm pretty tough with Brainstorm, but I am because I think this band as an enormous potential that they cannot focus it and deliver a strong record at the moment. Exactly like GammaRay did in their beginning as well. 2 or 3 excellent songs lost into a sea of different style songs, until a great album like Land Of The Free corrected that and defined their own well known and appreciated style. So Brainstorm is a band that has the potential to become a great band as well, and I like them much more than my quote can reflect and wish them to find their style... with songs like Beyond My Destiny or Unholy War from precedent album (one of the best true metal hymn I've heard) they could shake the True-Metal scene. And that's the problem... I really don't know if BS want to make trash or true metal, so in the end True Metal fans will be disapointed, but it should please Trash Metal fans.

Killing Songs :
Beyond My Destiny & Demonsion
Chris quoted 73 / 100
Danny quoted 90 / 100
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